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What is ATDW?

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia. Incorporated in 2001, it is jointly owned and managed by all Australian state/territory government tourism bodies.

The ATDW collects information via its partners then stores and distributes this information.  Data includes product and destination information from all Australian States and Territories, with more than 40,000 listings. This content is compiled in a nationally agreed format and is electronically accessible by tourism business owners (operators), wholesalers, retailers and distributors for use in their websites and booking systems.

To list on ATDW visit

10 Tips for ATDW listings

1. Social Media: Add your social media links including Facebook and Instagram.

2. Images: Upload at least three high resolution landscape images between 1 – 10MB in size (2048px x 1536px, JPG at 72dpi).

3. Description: Use the description to engage your customer and make them want to visit. Make your opening sentence interesting and informative to hook the reader in. Use language that gives practical information about what they’ll experience. You have a maximum of 200 words for your business description so make them count.

4. Language: Use language that speaks directly to the customer. E.g. ‘You will see…’, rather than ‘Visitors will see…’

5. Other Info: Don’t forget to add your opening hours as well as features your business offers such as free Wi-Fi, accessibility facilities and other amenities.

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6. Booking Link: Add your most direct online booking link – the less clicks a customer has to make to book your product the better.

7. No text on images – images with text or logos are often cropped or displayed incorrectly on some distributor websites.

8. Leave links, contact details and pricing out of the description– there are fields elsewhere in your listing for this.

9. Submit Deals regularly for free to link to your listing – submit your latest deals, including, images and a Call to Action and the dates the deal is in market.

10. Submit Events regularly for free to link to your listing – if you have events that the consumer or community can attend – add it to ATDW.

Your deal doesn’t need to be a discount (though it could be) – it could be a value-add (such as a meal, transfers, complimentary photo or free wetsuit hire), or a package with another experience. It can also be a discount off your standard rates.

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